• “In this ever-changing landscape, it has been Esther’s expertise, enthusiasm, and passion that helped me and my team embrace the future by seeing the potential for growth, development, exploration, and creative thinking. She helped us see the worth of change, solutions, and communication. Most important, Esther showed us the value of looking within to discover our own strengths and weaknesses while encouraging us to believe in ourselves and acknowledge our potential. I will continue to rely on Esther as a trusted resource—knowing that her professionalism, her technique, and above all her character, will guide me in my ongoing aspirations of becoming a better leader and person.”

    Marla Provencio Former Chief Marketing Officer, Disney/ABC Television Networks Group, Chief Creative Strategist, Lussier
  • “I have nothing but the highest regard for Esther’s work. Her research and analysis of my leadership and management was flawless, honest, and clear. Together, we set valuable and realistic goals for improvement and then monitored them with simple and effective tools. Along the way, Esther never failed to ask the right questions, leading me to think deeper about my work and my personal growth. Her light touch is deceptively effective as is her personable style, but the key to her work is trust and she garners that from the moment you meet her.”

    Chris deFaria CEO, DreamWorks Animation
  • “Thank you for giving us so much of yourself to find so much of ourselves over the past year in the Thrive program. I found myself going over my Change Chasers presentation again. I can’t stop reciting lines about “challenging your process” so I am going to keep the spirit alive. I’ll evolve it and adapt it and put it to work. I’ll harness the energy I felt and hold it as one of the most remarkable moments of my life. I wouldn’t have gotten there without you. I look forward to seeing what change we chase and embrace next!”

    Deaton Bell Coordinating Producer, CSSU at Turner Sports
  • “Esther pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to stretch. She has been the bullet-proof coffee that has continued to drive my thoughts and actions to hit my goals. She offers the highest level of coaching and advocates for me to not just reach my goals, but continue climbing higher. She is incredible about homing in on blind spots and areas that need attention. Esther doesn’t hold back and tells me exactly what I need to hear, even when it’s tough feedback. She has been instrumental in my leap to start my own business and continues to support me through its growth. Esther is certainly a force of nature and the work she does is one of the most important investments that I have made for myself and my business."

    Margaret Hinch Chief Consultant, Thought Lens LLC
  • “I’m now more comfortable and more confident in understanding how I got to where I am, but, more importantly, what it will take to get to that next level.”

    Michael Cleveland General Manager, Sierra Auction Management, Inc.
  • "My focus was to develop an innovation strategy, improve internal relationships, and know how to get buy-in better. Esther helped me strategically approach it all and look at it differently and gave me the safety to grow. As a result, I was able to take what was in my head and put an innovation strategy into a format that could be absorbed by the enterprise, while getting buy in for it. I also built stronger relationships that are more meaningful and impactful."

    Mariel Devesa Head of Product Innovation, Farmers Insurance
  • “I was in a challenging transition, and Esther gave me the courage to explore how I could be more effective in a situation I felt was out of my hands. She provided me a strategy that felt clear, safe and comfortable and allowed me to take the strides that I did, and I was able to move more powerfully and gain momentum and real results.”

    A Senior Vice President at an Entertainment Studio
  • Esther’s presentation was well thought out and related incredibly well to the changes taking place within our organization. She was able to take the specifics provided and created useful, applicable tasks to work through them.”

    A Scripps Networks Executive
  • “Working with Esther has been an extremely revelatory experience. With Esther’s guidance, I identified a rewarding path while feeding my strengths and becoming more mindful of potential pitfalls. And beyond that, she’s kept me focused on practical executions – so that passion matches action. Esther Weinberg is a smart, inspirational coach who has really lit a spark under my career.”  

    Murphy Gilson Former Creative Director/SVP of Creative and Brand at Participant Media
  • “Esther’s expert authority in leadership and business created the ability for me to bring out the leader within me. She helped me be more thoughtful in real-time. I learned how to brainstorm different ways of approaching situations before taking action. Esther was amazing at creating the environment for me to take a hard look at myself and decide what I would stop and start doing to transform myself and my leadership.”

    Jake Smith former Senior Vice President, Studio71
  • “I was struggling with an employee who was unmotivated, discouraged and whose work was deteriorating for 10 months. Working with Esther, I realized we had a clash in styles. We created a plan for adapting my style for greater impact with the employee and developed a system for ongoing feedback and development conversations. As a result, my employee felt more appreciated and within four weeks our relationship and her performance completely turned around.”

    Eddie Hawkins General Manager, The Great Park
  • “Esther has many areas of expertise, but I have leveraged her skills towards building a cohesive leader team, creating a truly integrated talent management strategy that focuses on interdependency and coaching members of my team on leadership. She is a trusted resource and, in many ways, has become an extended member of my executive team. I’ve worked with many… and she is terrific… she is an excellent communicator, a strategic thinker and a powerful facilitator with a bias for action and accountability.”

    Scott Murphy Former Worldwide Chief Talent Officer, Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide
  • "Esther was the perfect person for me to work with. She helped me become more conscious in my communication and manage my style and substance for individual audiences, particularly people who may have different drivers than I do. Esther showed me how to go from a tactical mindset to focusing on the long view of my organization’s development as a whole—moving from a purely executional stance to a broader strategic perspective. I definitely recognize the evolution and the positive outcomes of my work with Esther. It played out the way I’d hoped and even better. She was clearly the right choice."

    Justin Herz Executive Vice President, Digital Product, Platform and Strategy at Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies
  • "As soon as I met Esther, I knew she was the person I should work with. She was strong and direct—fair but very tough. I needed to be pushed in the areas that were uncomfortable for me, but in a way that gave me the confidence that I needed to succeed—one of the most valuable things that I will carry the rest of my life. I learned to speak up for myself, for the organization, and for my client—finding that right balance to support others, negotiate expectations, and talk to people about what they need and what I can do. Esther left me able to determine what I'm going to do based on what I really want."

    William Tobin William Tobin, Senior Vice President, Technology and Studio Finance, Warner Bros.
  • Working with Esther has really helped me grow as a leader, a team member, and a person. She taught me how to more effectively communicate with my boss as well as my team. She has also helped me to better understand and manage my stress levels both at home and in the workplace. I’ve gotten so much from working with Esther that I’ve even recommended her to a friend and fellow executive!

    Ellen Rydzewski Vice President, Celebrity Talent & Events, Nickelodeon
  • "Esther showed me how to unpack the projects that seemed overwhelming as a whole and break them into smaller, more manageable pieces.   The tools and teachings she’s provided me have helped me think more long-term instead of just being reactive and allow me the insight to anticipate and overcome all of the challenges at my job whether day-to-day activities or big picture projects."

    Curtis Lelash Senior Vice President Original Series, Cartoon Network

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