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Meet Esther

Esther Weinberg

CEO, MindLight Group

I’m Esther Weinberg, the president of MindLight Group, a company I founded in 2000 with a mission to transform executives and leaders into more effective, energetic, and engaged employees—especially through times of intensive change.

To understand my passion for leadership and change, let me take you on a short journey to explain how I arrived here…

I’ve been where you are.

As a former Disney executive, I operated in the middle of a massive rebranding initiative. We were changing the perception of Disney from simply Mickey Mouse to a media empire with quality programming. Every day was an exercise in change.

While juggling the increasing, always-changing demands of the network and the consumers, I noticed many leaders working in on-going chaos and stress. They were ineffective and at worst, created calamity in their wake. But there were outliers who seemed to approach change with a sense of calm and confidence that eluded everyone else. I decided to find out what made these leaders different, and so began a journey that lead to MindLight Group.

I get it …change is hard.

Having first-hand experience as a media executive, I know the industry presents a massive shift—every day—forcing you to constantly adapt the way you lead. It’s tough! And still, change is a constant you can’t escape. It’s everywhere.

But how can you be the best leader you can be when the game keeps changing? Here’s what I know… When you cultivate the right skills and mindset, embrace change, and act with dignity, a magic light turns on. You experience an A-ha! moment and suddenly the impossible is possible.

Here are a few examples of how MindLight Group showed leaders the power of a pivot to see new possibilities:

  • We worked with an executive at Warner Bros during a significant CEO leadership transition that left her without a “seat at the table.” It was essential to not only map out business opportunities for their television division, but to create a reorganized, cohesive, and connected team. After working with us, the executive not only became the new CEO’s personal advisor but also discovered greater work/life balance for herself and her team because of her increased leadership effectiveness.
  • At Turner Broadcasting, we devoted 6 months to planning for impending change in the organization. During that time, revenues shot up 25% and employee turnover went down!
  • We worked with the Chief Marketing Officer at ABC Entertainment (overseeing 174 employees) who wanted to improve her leadership impact and equip her nine direct reports with the tools and skills they needed to successfully lead their respective teams. Through our work together, the team created a road map that took them into the future and position them as a modern and forward thinking Marketing team. The team dug deep to acknowledge individual and collective strengths, which resulted in stronger team communication and increased confidence to strategically create meaningful solutions to drive the business forward. They also began to celebrate success and learn from failures to drive bigger wins.

A passion for developing global leaders

Some of my best engagements don’t happen in the boardrooms of corporate America, but in places like Uganda, a country emerging from 30 years of terrorist conflict. There, I led strategic campaigns in the areas of children rights and health – AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. That work led to a 60 % increase in strategic leadership and a 75% improvement in management effectiveness by the senior team. Additionally, higher awareness of poor child rights policies led to advocacy campaigns with 100 organizations and a government focus to involve children in every aspect of policies affecting their lives.

Take the first step with me.

Making the decision to change the way you lead takes courage, especially when you face a constantly changing, uncertain future. You’re not alone. Let’s find the answers together and discover what’s possible.

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P.S. If you’re interested in reading more detail about my background, visit my LinkedIn profile.

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