Disrupt Traditional Leadership

Today’s business landscape demands a different type of leader: one who leads with DIGNITY. A leader who creates an environment of trust, respect and safety. One who navigates the complexity of advancing technology, keeps a diverse range of people connected and engaged, and drives teams toward greater innovation and growth. That’s not easy…and yet, it’s entirely possible.

The Dignity Zone | Esther WeinbergBringing Dignity Into Today’s Workplace Culture — One Conversation at a Time

This is The DIGNITY Zone™Program Series empowers individuals, teams, and whole organizations to build an environment based on trust, respect and safety where creativity flourishes and people thrive. In This is The DIGNITY Zone™, employees are appreciated, respected, and supported by their bosses and peers, to have the freedom to exercise their creative muscles without fear. This is The DIGNITY Zone™programs are designed for the most senior executives to front-line employees to transform individuals, teams and organizations across all levels.

Define, understand, and evaluate existing systems, processes, and team dynamics

Future-proof your organization with a growth mindset

Develop, ignite, and cultivate creativity

Set team priorities and success milestones

Create an action plan to reach goals

Foster candid conversations to gain clarity

Establish a clear communication roadmap for the organization

The Dignity Zone | Esther Weinberg

“I’ll harness the energy I felt and hold the program as one of the most remarkable moments of my life. I wouldn’t have gotten there without you.”

-Deaton Bell, Coordinating Producer, CSSU at Turner Sports & Thrive Leadership Program participant

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