Everyone Feels Change Differently

Change is challenging. Change is tough. MindLight Group demystifies change making, making it easier for you, your team, and organization to navigate and embrace.

That’s why we’ve designed our programs to focus on the people side of change. We get your people thinking differently about change, which naturally moves them to act differently. By focusing on an agile mindset, instead of crouching in fear of change, your people are “ready, willing, and able” to anticipate and lead through the change your organization needs.

“Esther helped us see the worth of change, solutions, and communication. Most important, Esther showed us the value of looking within to discover our own strengths and weaknesses while encouraging us to believe in ourselves and acknowledge our potential.”

-Marla Provencio, Chief Creative Strategist, Lussier, former Chief Marketing Officer, Disney/ABC Television Networks Group

MindLight has shown with companies like Turner, Disney, and other media companies how to change the way they change—replacing fear with anticipation. Here are ways we serve your organization:

Develop communication plans to foster openness, trust, and collaboration through change

Design and deliver training to equip your leaders with skills, tools, and confidence to lead change

Advise on building strategic plans to future-proof your organization

Coach team members to build a mindset for growth, change, and dignity


Let us give you the tools and skills to become a leader of change.
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