Times Have Changed…Now is the Time…
Bringing Dignity Into Today’s Workplace Culture – One Conversation at a Time

Technology, innovation and creativity drive organizations to be competitive. When people have the genuine freedom to express their ideas and creativity through an environment based on trust, respect and safety, creativity flourishes and people thrive. This is The DIGNITY Zone™.


  • “Together, we set valuable and realistic goals for improvement, then monitored them with simple yet effective tools. Along the way, Esther never failed to ask the right questions, leading me to think deeper about my work and my personal growth.”

    Chris deFaria
    Chris deFaria President, DreamWorks Animation
  • “With Esther’s help my executive team discovered the worth of change and increased our capacity to deliver more than we could have imagined.”

    Marla Provencio
    Marla Provencio Former Chief Marketing Officer, Disney/ABC Television Networks Group, Chief Creative Strategist, Lussier
  • “Esther’s expert authority in leadership and business enabled me to take a hard look at myself and make transformative changes to myself and my leadership.”

    Jake Smith
    Jake Smith former Senior Vice President, Studio71

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